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Ever struggled to keep track of all the exciting conventions happening around you? TCG Calendar is here to help! TCG Calendar is a public calendar designed to connect fans and enthusiasts with conventions across Australia. 

Features include: 

1. Easy Search Options

Find conventions by location, name, or genre. Whether you're into gaming, comics, or pop culture, our search feature will guide you to the events you love.

2. Add to Your Personal Calendar

Never miss out on an event again! With TCG Calendar, you can add conventions to your personal calendar with just a click.

3. Discover Local Events

Explore events near you or venture out to new cities. Our location-based search ensures you find conventions wherever you are in Australia.

4. Genre-Specific Filtering

Looking for something specific? Filter events by genre to find exactly what interests you.

 The List Keeps Growing!

 We are constantly adding new events, and you can add anything we missed as well. 

1. Sydney Comic-Con

Australia's premier comic book and pop culture convention. Meet artists, celebrities, and fellow fans.

2. Melbourne Gaming Expo

A haven for gamers. Experience the latest in video games, board games, and eSports.

3. Brisbane Anime Festival

Celebrate all things anime and manga. Cosplay, art, panels, and more await you.

4. Adelaide Sci-Fi Summit

Explore the future at this gathering of science fiction enthusiasts. Panels, exhibits, and networking opportunities abound.

Tags - The Smart Way That People Can Filter By

  • #TCG: With a wide range of TCGs, finding out if there is #competitive #play or just #stalls  and #vendors is easy.
  • #Comics: Search for conventions focusing on comic books, graphic novels, and illustrators.
  • #Gaming: Find events dedicated to video games, board games, and gaming technology.
  • #Anime & #Manga: Explore gatherings centered around Japanese animation and comics.
  • #ScienceFiction: Discover conventions that delve into the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction.
  • #PopCulture: Browse events that celebrate movies, TV shows, music, and all things pop culture.

TCG Calendar is your ultimate guide to conventions in Australia. Whether you're a seasoned convention-goer or looking to attend your first event, we make it super easy to find and keep track of conventions that match your interests. Visit and start exploring today!

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