LEGO Pokémon - FAQ

LEGO Pokémon

Are your lego bricks used?
No, all LEGO bricks are New and come from Lego stores from around the world. All pieces are genuine LEGO product.

Are these official products from Pokémon?
No, all models are custom (MOCs) and not official merchandise from Pokémon.
What size baseplate is used?
You need the 48x48 lego brick baseplate to fit the Pokémon model.
The dimensions of the base plate is 40x40cm.  WE currently only offer to ship the baseplate locally, Australia, as the cost to post is high.

Where can I get a baseplate if buying internationally? 
Google your local LEGO store, they will be able to provide them cheaper than I can. 

How big are the models? 
The 16-bit models are approximately 30x30cm.
The 8-bit are slightly smaller at 25x25cm. 

Do they come with instructions?

Yes, all Models include a set of instructions in the boxes. I will also have Youtube “How to build” videos for each Pokémon. 

I am short a LEGO Brick, what do I do?
Please email us at with what pieces are missing and we will look to post them out to you. I am sorry if this occurred, we try to avoid this happening by having double count checks.

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